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Vacation in the Sea
Vacation in the Mountains
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Hunting and Fishing Tourism
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Your Vacation in the Sea
The Bulgarian seacoast is 380 km with wonderful beaches, the water is calm and pure, health climate, fine golden sands and sand dunes, mineral springs, resorts, bearers of Blue flag, vacation settlements and camping-sites. The middle summer air temperature is about 28, and the waters 25.

Two international airports Varna and Burgas bind it with the other part of the world.

Northern Black sea coast is clean and calm with not big slope with wide beaches with fine golden sands, woods and a lot of mineral springs. The contemporary resorts are Rusalka, Albena, Golden sands, Riviera, St Constantine, Sunny day.

The Southern Black sea contends picturesque bays and whimsical rocks, spacious beaches and sand dunes. Incredible nature - the magic of Dune, Eleni, Sunny Beach, Nesebar, Ravda, Sozopol, Ahtopol, Tsarevo, Kiten, Primorsko.

Your Vacation in the Sea - All ofers
Balchik, Burgas, Lozenets, Obzor, St Vlas, St Constantine and Helena, Shkorpilovtsi Sinemorec, Sozopol, Varna
Your Vacation in the Mountain
Stara planina mountain (The Balkan) is the biggest Bulgarian one. Its passes the country from the border with Serbia to Black sea. The highest peak is Botev (2376 m).

Rila is the highest mountain in the Balkans peminsula with the Peak Musala (2925 m) and takes 6th in Europe. By Rila traced back to the biggest Bulgarian rivers. Here are resort Borovets and the great monument of Bulgarian culture - The Rila Monastery.

Pirin is a piece of paradise, combines fabulously beautiful peaks and fertile valleys, ancient history and cultural heritage, myths and legends. Pirin offers winter sports lovers of excellent trails and resorts.

The Rhodopes will awaken all your senses - the eyes saturated with colours, folk songs are carried through the air, as well as the silent murmur of the crystal mountain streams, the fresh mountain air is saturated with aroma of herbs and flowers, the soul is a pleasure to the peace of the nature.

Your Vacation in the Mountains - All ofers
Ardino, Asenovgrad, Bankya, Bansko, Belogradchik, Croses Peak, Devin, Gotse Delchev, Kazanlak, Koprivshtitsa, Pamporovo, Ribaritsa, Sandanski, Sapareva Banya, Smolyan, Sofia, Svoge, Troyan, Varna Region, Veliki Preslav, Veliko Tarnovo
SPA Resorts
With the richness and diversity of hydrothermal waters, Bulgaria is among the richest countries in Europe. Bulgarian mineral waters with varied chemical composition, mineral, gas and microorganisms. The combination of mineral springs and medicinal mud are favorable for year-round recreation, treatment and rest. Bulgaria is one of the first places in the world in a variety of herbs with great medicinal properties. This enormous wealth of natural factors, combined with modern hotels and spa centers allow for year-round treat.

Large spa centers are: Sandanski, Velingrad, Hissar, Kyustendil, Kostenets, Devin, Sapareva Banya, Varshets and others. Black sea resorts are Albena, Golden Sands, Riviera, Sunny Day, St. Constantine and Elena Pomorie. Ample opportunities for rest and treatment in a mountain resorts. Magnificent scenery, clean air, mineral waters are their invaluable treasures.

Your Vacation in the SPA Resorts - All ofers
Ardino, Bankya, Bansko, Devin, Gotse Delchev, St Vlas, St Constantine and Helena, Sandanski, Sapareva Banya, Sofia, Troyan
Village Tourism
Rest of the village is preferred by more people. Nature, folklore, customs and crafts, traditional cuisine and famous Bulgarian hospitality attract many Bulgarians and foreigners.

The village, tourists can engage in agricultural activities, tours with horses and carts in artisanal activities (woodworking, carving, textiles, ceramics, weaving, blacksmithing, etc.). To bring home canvas, clay pot or other object made from its own his hands. May include courses in culinary or wine tastings, to study Bulgarian folk music, to observe local holidays
Village Tourism - All ofers
Asenovgrad, Gotse Delchev, Kazanlak, Croses Peak, Ribaritsa, Sofia Region, Smolyan, Troyan, Varna Region
Hunting and Fishing Tourism
Annually in the country come to try the exact sight many foreign hunters, most of which are traditional home. More than 110 hunting residences, cabins, homes and shelters offer nastanitelnata base for lovers of hunting and fishing. Forestry provide a wonderful atmosphere for business meetings, travel and horse riding. In addition, there are opportunities for eco-tourism and photo safaris and visits to historical and natural attractions in the vicinity. To preserve the genetic resources are 37 separate breeding stations.

Fish wealth of Bulgaria is also a large and diverse. Are produced annually and displaced about 500 000 fish for the restocking of the waters. Many Forestry and the Black Sea coast offers opportunities for fishing.
Hunting and Fishing Tourism - All ofers
Belogradchik, Croses Peak, Devin, Gotse Delchev, Kazanlak, Koprivshtitsa, Ribaritsa, Sofia Region, Smolyan, Troyan, Varna Region, Veliki Preslav
Excursions & Routes
Nature of Bulgaria provides unique opportunities for ecological tourism. Network of 3 national and 11 natural parks, 89 reserves and 2234 natural monuments create excellent conditions for recreation and relaxation. There are different possibilities: hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, photo hunting, wildlife observation, climbing and visits to caves. In the parks to promote tourism mostly walking to nature conservation.

The mountains have a good road, tourism infrastructure, tourism and educational routes. Mountain trails are marked with a length of about 37 000 km. Study and Conservation of rare plant and animal species have established centers for environmental education and information.

More than 150 000 people annually visit the Bulgarian national parks. Their territory many shelters, parking areas and campsites. In the settlements are around the parks organized visitor centers. Safety and security take care of the Bulgarian Tourist Union and Mountain Rescue Service.

Excursions & Routes - All ofers
Ardino, Asenovgrad, Bansko, Belogradchik, Croses Peak, Devin, Gotse Delchev, Kazanlak, Koprivshtitsa, Pamporovo, Sapareva Banya, Smolyan, Sofia, Svoge, Troyan, Varna Region
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